Nutrient Additives & Boosts

Nutrient Additives & Boosts

The whole point to growing indoors with hydroponics, soil or coco, is to maximise your crops growth and yield and the intense lighting, air movement, water and nutrients that are all supplied to your plants will help them to achieve this. However, the addition of additives or flowering boosts added to your regular nutrients can make all the difference to your plants structure and the final results, enhancing the size, colour and taste of your favourite flowers or fruits.

Plant Magic Plus Granules

Plant Magic Plus Granules work to create an abundance of beneficial micro life, within your growing media. With over 20 strains of micro-organisms, bio-stimulants and Mycorrhizal fungi that all form a symbiotic relationship with the roots, Granules has proven to be a must have product for any grower using soil.

From: 12.95

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Plant Magic Plus Catalyst

Plant Magic Plus Catalyst is a 100% organic seaweed extract that dramatically improves plant growth, carbohydrate and protein production as well as speeding up photosynthesis. After using Catalyst you will see an improvement from your plants, due to the amount of trace elements and micro nutrients readily available.

From: 7.45

Plant Magic Plus Catalystmore

Plant Magic Plus Bio Silicon

Plant Magic Plus Bio-Silicon is specially formulated for soil applications. It will help to strengthen the cell walls of your plants, resulting in much bigger, stronger stems. Photosynthetic activities are increased resulting in much more sugar production, which enhances the aroma, flavours and yield from your crops.

From: 5.95

Plant Magic Plus Bio Siliconmore

Plant Magic Plus Bio Wetter

Plant Magic Plus Bio-Wetter is an organic wetting agent extracted from the Yukka plant. Not only can this be used as a wetting agent for foliar feeding, it has the added benefit of being used as a soil drench for softening hard compacted soil. Bio-Wetter is also an anti-stress agent, helping plants to recover from any shock.

From: 8.95

Plant Magic Plus Bio Wettermore

Plant Magic Plus Evolution

Plant Magic Plus Evolution should be applied once a week to your plants foliage throughout the vegetative stage and the first 14 days of the flowering period, to significantly increase the number of fresh shoots that form for your flowers or fruits to develop on and help deliver you a more bountiful harvest.

From: 4.95

Plant Magic Plus Evolutionmore

Plant Magic Plus Veg Boost

Plant Magic Plus Veg Boost is a powerful bio stimulant that is an additive used in the vegetative stage of the plants cycle. Using Veg Boost as a soil drench will change the structure of the medium, allowing water and oxygen to move freely around the medium, which will help to provide rapid growth from your plants.

From: 5.40

Plant Magic Plus Veg Boostmore

Plant Magic Plus Bloom Boost

Plant Magic Plus Bloom Boost is a powerful PK 13/14 flowering stimulator that is used to increase the size and taste from your fruits or the colour and aroma from your flowers. Plant Magic Bloom Boost contains some nitrogen to create a more balanced nutrient, resulting in a much better quality from your crop.

From: 5.25

Plant Magic Plus Bloom Boostmore

Plant Magic Plus Flush

Plant Magic Plus Flush is designed to remove excess nutrients from your plants at the end of their cycle. Plant Magic Flush removes metallic tastes from your crops caused by nutrient build up and improves the taste and aroma from your fruiting plants. Flush can also be used if over feeding has unfortunately occurred.

From: 10.50

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Cannazym is an enzyme based product that can be used with any growing media to help to speed up the breaking down of any dead root material that exists inside. Cannazym activates micro life and makes absorption better for the nutrients, it also helps your plants to increase their resistance against any nasty pathogens.

From: 6.25


Canna PK 13/14

Canna PK13/14 is probably the most popular flowering boost used by growers for hydroponics, soil and coco cultivation. Canna PK13/14 contains high potassium and phosphate nutrients that plants will require at this critical stage. Use PK13/14 just weeks before harvest to increase the size and weight from your crops.

From: 4.75

Canna PK 13/14more

Canna Boost Accelerator

Canna Boost Accelerator is a powerful flowering stimulator that is added with your regular nutrients. Canna Boost should be used from the moment your flowers start to form on your plants to quickly boost their growth and you can also use Canna PK13/14 in your solution as well, for the best results possible.

From: 21.50

Canna Boost Acceleratormore

Canna Bio Boost

Canna Bio Boost is a 100% organic bloom stimulant, that is used when your flowers appear in the fruiting stages of your plants cycle. Canna Bio Boost is a great organic product that is packed full of bio-active ingredients, to help increase the weight and also enhance the flavour from your organically grown crops.

From: 15.95

Canna Bio Boostmore

Canna Flush

Canna Flush can be used with all types of growing media, hydroponics, soil and coco. It will help to quickly flush away any accumulation of salts in the media and excess nutrients in the plants when your edible crops are nearly ready for harvest, and it can also be used during your cycle to recover plants that have been overfed.

From: 4.95

Canna Flushmore

Plagron Green Sensation

Plagron Green Sensation is a powerful flowering stimulator and boost that is used during the last 4 to 6 weeks of your plants flowering cycle. Green Sensation helps to improve the size and taste with your fruits or colour and aroma with your flowers and is suitable to use with all substrates and hydroponics systems.

From: 30.50

Plagron Green Sensationmore

Plagron Phyt-Amin

Plagron Phyt-Amin is a nutrient that is diluted with water to make a foliar spray that can be applied weekly to your plant foliage, to help stimulate chlorophyll production and also the plants sugar production. The use of Plagron Phyt-Amin will help to produce a far more intensive flavour from your edible crops.

From: 12.00

Plagron Phyt-Aminmore

Plagron Pure Enzym

Plagron Pure Enzym will help to accelerate the breakdown of any dead root material in your soil and will also help to stimulate the microscopic life, to decrease the risk of any fungus and bad bacteria building up. Pure Enzym are a natural soil cleanser, that is used only for the first 5 weeks of your plants life cycle.

From: 7.95

Plagron Pure Enzymmore

Plagron Bat Guano

Plagron Bat Guano is a well balanced and very potent organic fertiliser that is highly rich in phosphorus. Plagron Bat Guano is a great flowering stimulator that can be sprinkled and mixed on top of your regular soil to increase the quality and yield from your plants. A great product to use when growing organically.

From: 7.50

Plagron Bat Guanomore

Biobizz Fish Mix

Biobizz Fish Mix has always been a trusted friend for the organic gardener. Biobizz Fish mix is a 100% organic liquid plant food that is used for the growing period of your plants cycle, to help stimulate its growth and it can also be used as a foliar feed. Biobizz Fish mix is highly recommended for outdoor use.

From: 7.00

Biobizz Fish Mixmore

Biobizz Top Max

Biobizz Top Max is a 100% vegetable based organic flowering stimulator, that is used as an additive with your regular nutrients and it is also suitable to use with any growing media. Biobizz Top Max helps to boost and encourage rapid cell division on your plants during the flowering period to increase their size.

From: 10.25

Biobizz Top Maxmore

Biobizz Bio Heaven

Biobizz Bio Heaven is a powerful energy booster for plants that helps to improve the quality and yield from your crops. Biobizz Bio Heaven can be used for hydroponics, soil or coco in the growth stage to increase your plants strength and size and also in the flowering stage to increase and enhance your flowers.

From: 15.50

Biobizz Bio Heavenmore

Biobizz Alg-A-Mic

Biobizz Alg-A-Mic is a vitality booster that can be used during the growth stage and flowering stage of your plants life cycle. Biobizz Alg-A-Mic utilises cold pressed seaweed into a concentrate to provide you with a lush assortment of micro nutrients, vitamins, amino acids and hormones all of vegetable origin.

From: 7.20

Biobizz Alg-A-Micmore

House & Garden Multi Zyme

Multi Zyme is an enzyme based product that helps to condition the roots of your plants. Multi Zyme will accelerate the growth of your plants and also help to break down any dead root material that may be forming in your media or system to provide room for new root growth to form and also to allow air into the media.

From: 9.95

House & Garden Multi Zymemore

House & Garden Amino Treatment

Amino Treatment is nothing less than a revolutionary product for hydroponics cultivation that provides your plants with a natural growth and flowering stimulator to enhance the size, quality and yield from your crop. Amino Treatment contains a balanced and complex set of ingredients, that your plants will love.

From: 34.95

House & Garden Amino Treatmentmore

House & Garden PK13/14

This PK13/14 formula from House & Garden is a high phosphorus and potassium boost that is used in the late stages of the flowering period, to enhance the size and weight of your flowers or fruits. House & Garden PK13/14 can be used with any method of cultivation, soil, coco and hydroponics.

From: 6.95

House & Garden PK13/14more

House & Garden Top Booster

Top Booster is a high quality phosphorus and potassium flowering boost from House and Garden, which is used in the late stages of the flowering period to help increase the size and weight of your crop and an addition of chelated red iron is also added to the formula to increase your flowers or fruits even further.

From: 7.95

House & Garden Top Boostermore

House & Garden Bud XL

Bud XL is a potent formula from House & Garden that is used in the late stages of the flowering period to increase the sugar transport towards the tops of the plants, to help increase the size and taste of your fruits. House & Garden Bud XL can also be used with any type of cultivation method, soil, coco or hydroponics.

From: 16.95

House & Garden Bud XLmore

House & Garden Top Shooter Gel

House & Garden have a great selection of products to help boost your plants and Top Shooter Gel is certainly one of them. Top Shooter Gel is a liquid version of Shooting Powder, developed especially for growers who require smaller amounts of solution to be mixed, but still require the same final results.

From: 36.95

House & Garden Top Shooter Gelmore

House & Garden Shooting Powder

Shooting powder is designed to push your plants to the max in their final stages of the flowering period, to help increase the final size and weight of your flowers or fruits before harvest. When added to your tank of water and fed to your plants, shooting powder will help you to gain the maximum yield from your crop.

From: 6.95

House & Garden Shooting Powdermore

Vitalink Biopac

Vitalink Biopac enriches your water and your growing media in your hydroponics system with many beneficial microbes, to establish a population of beneficial bacteria around the root system of your plants. Vitalink Biopac will help to promote very healthy, green growth and also a much better yield from your plants.

From: 8.50

Vitalink Biopacmore

Vitalink Foliar

Vitalink Foliar is a calcium rich foliar feed nutrient, that helps your plants to become much stronger and more resistant to any attacks from pests and diseases. Vitalink Foliar now also contains Tea Tree Oil, a natural anti fungal ingredient that helps to keep your plants very strong and also allowing them to perform at their best.

From: 15.00

Vitalink Foliarmore

Liquid Silicon

Liquid Silicon is used as an additive in your water supply and will help your plants to strengthen their cell walls, helping them to resist attacks from fungi and mites. Liquid silicon also helps to improve the uptake of all the nutrients through the root system and also the transport of them throughout the plant.

From: 3.50

Liquid Siliconmore

Liquid Oxygen

Liquid Oxygen is used as an additive in your nutrient tank, to add extra ions of pure oxygen into your nutrient solution and regular use will lead to enhance the health and growth rates from your plants. Liquid Oxygen contains hydrogen peroxide and it is not suitable to use with many products, check their labels first.

From: 3.50

Liquid Oxygenmore


Liquid Guanokalong is an extract from bat guano that helps to promote the taste, quality and yield from your crops. The advantages of using Guanokalong are just amazing, we highly recommend this product. Guanokalong can be used with any hydroponics system and also with any type of growing media you like.

From: 9.25



Halo is a naturally occurring Harpin Alpha Beta protein, that is sprayed onto your plants foliage. Once applied Halo sends a powerful signal throughout the plant to increase the photosynthesis, yield and quality and also to improve the nutrient uptake. Best of all, Halo helps your plants to fight off any nasty diseases naturally.

From: 8.50


GHE Ripen

GHE Ripen is a plant nutrient forcing solution, that is used during the late flowering and fruiting stages of your plants life. GHE Ripen is specifically designed to help speed up and enhance the ripening process of your crop, and it is a great product to use if you need to finish quicker than you originally thought.

From: 7.95

GHE Ripenmore

Vintage Bat Guano

Vintage Bat Guano is a 100% natural product, that provides a rich potent organic fertiliser which is immediately available to your plants to help produce rapid root growth and flower production. This Bat Guano can be applied as a top dressing to your soil and mixed in gently, before you start to flower your plants.

From: 8.95

Vintage Bat Guanomore

Bio Link Plus

Bio Link Plus is packed full of beneficial microbes and fungi that can assist your plants in many ways, improving the nutrient uptake, growth and strengthening the cell walls of the plants to aid them against any attacks from insects. Bio Link Plus can be used for soil, coco and also hydroponics in any growing system.

From: 5.50

Bio Link Plusmore

Powdered Bud Blood

Powdered Bud Blood is used for only the first week of your plants flowering stage to promote and quickly stimulate fast, heavy abundant flower growth. Powdered Bud Blood can be used for hydroponics, soil and coco and it can easily be dissolved into your water supply with your regular base nutrient formula added as well.

From: 12.00

Powdered Bud Bloodmore

Organic B

Advance Nutrients Organic B vitamins are a supplement that can be used for soil and hydroponics and also as a foliar feed. Organic B is made up of three unique yeast extracts that contain amino acids, proteins, trace elements and together give a balanced feeding of 7 B vitamins.

From: 18.00

Organic Bmore


Tarantula is a beneficial bacteria. Tarantula is a 100% pure organic pioneering product that contains the highest concentration of beneficial micro organisms of any plant growth product we know of and is great to use on all types of growing media and hydroponic systems.

From: 35.00


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