Plant Magic Plus Essence

Plant Magic Plus Essence
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Essence is a great little kit from Plant Magic Plus that contains all you need to create a foliar spray that is a highly concentrated bio-culture that contains over 20 strains of beneficial micro-organisms that will help to help prevent and treat powdery mildew and botrytis that is on your plants.

Once these beneficial micro-organisms are applied as a foliar feed to your plants they are activated and will quickly colonise the leaves and stems of your plants, forming an effective barrier to combat a variety of infections. Plant Magic Plus Essence helps protect your plants foliage against airborne pathogenic fungi, leaf fungal infections, powdery mildew and botrytis and it can be used right up to full maturity of fruiting crops.

Kit contains:
1 x Plant Magic Plus Catalyst 125ml
1 x Packet of Molasses
1 x Essence 25g
1 x Instructions

How To Use
You will need a bucket or container and an air pump and stone to aerate the solution before use.

Once you have mixed the ingredients into some water you can then aerate the solution overnight.

After 24 hours of aeration you can apply the mixed solution to your plants foliage with a spray bottle or mister.

Apply in low light conditions or just before your grow lights are due to turn off.

For infected plants use once every 5-7 days.

For healthy plants and to maintain a fighting barrier use once every 7-10 days, remember prevention is always better than cure.

G2501  Plant Magic Plus Essence - Complete Kit 15.95
G2502  Plant Magic Plus Essence - Top up Essence 25g 10.95

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