Aero & Drip Header Return Potz

Aero & Drip Header Return Potz
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Potz Systems designed their Header Return Potz to be used with their Aero and Drip Potz Systems, but they are also a great unit to use for any DIY hydroponics system you may wish to create, that will require any excess nutrient solution in the system to be removed to keep it at a low level.

Inside the Header Return Potz is a float switch, fitted at the bottom to maintain the level as low as possible and also the pump to remove the solution. These are both connected to an electrical box on the outside of the Potz that has a cable and plug fitted to supply the unit with power, which will only be drawn when the float is lifted and the pump is on.

Potz Systems Header Return Potz are fitted with a metre of return pipe and either 2, 4 or 6 drain glands, to allow various size systems to be created.

G0107  Aero & Drip Header Return Potz - 2 Outlet 115.00
G0108  Aero & Drip Header Return Potz - 4 Outlet 116.50
G0109  Aero & Drip Header Return Potz - 6 Outlet 118.00

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