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Aquatrays are used worldwide for many horticultural projects and they are a favourite with many Dutch growers who love using slabs to cultivate their plants on.

If you are looking to create your own growing system to suit your space, Aquatrays will do the job just nicely as you can use as many as you require and easily connect them all together for the drainage.

Once you have chosen the amount you require set them out on a stand or frame and make sure they are raised slightly at the opposite end to the drain holes, to ensure they are sloped for your water to drain, a piece of timber on your frame or stand can easily do the job.

A raised profile inside the Aquatray allows the slabs to be sat above any water in the tray. The drain outlets can be connected together with some pipe and fittings and either returned to a main tank or if preferred the excess nutrient solution can be run to waste.

You can use a tank and pump, some irrigation pipe, fittings and drippers to make your own irrigation delivery system to feed your plants.

Aquatrays can be used with any slabs that are 1 metre in length, Rockwool or Coco.

G0926  Aquatrays - 1 metre 5.75

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