Hydroponics 2400w Grow Tent Kit

Hydroponics 2400w Grow Tent Kit
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This hydroponics 2400w grow tent kit offers you everything you will need to grow hydro and with a 10% discount on all the items that are included in the kit.

You have a choice from Canna or Plant Magic hydroponic nutrients to be supplied with this kit and you can also add or subtract any items you may wish to, just simply give us a call and we can make the adjustments to the kit and also the price and you will still receive a 10% discount on any items you may decide to add.

Hydroponics 2400w Grow Tent Kit

1 x The Green Room GR240 Grow Tent
2 x Flood 8 Potz System
4 x Powerplant 600w Light Kit
1 x Powerstar Contactor 4 Way
2 x Grasslin 15 Minute Timer
4 x Eazi Roll Set
1 x Extraction Kit 8"
2 x Clip Fan
1 x Thermometer/Hygrometer
1 x Propagator
24 x Rockwool Plugs
16 x Rockwool Blocks 3"
3 x Clay Pebbles 50 litre
1 x Pipette 5ml
1 x Syringe 10ml
1 x Measuring Cup 60ml
1 x PH Manual Test Kit
1 x PH Down 250ml

With Canna or Plant Magic nutrients

2 x Canna Aqua Vega 2 litre
1 x Canna Aqua Flores 10 litre
1 x Canna PK13/14 1 litre

2 x Plant Magic Hydro Grow 2 litre
1 x Plant Magic Hydro Bloom 10 litre
1 x Plant Magic Bloom Boost 1 litre

G1109  Hydroponics 2400w Grow Tent Kit - Canna Aqua Nutrients 1,775.00
G1110  Hydroponics 2400w Grow Tent Kit - Plant Magic Nutrients H/W 1,765.00
G1111  Hydroponics 2400w Grow Tent Kit - Plant Magic Nutrients S/W 1,765.00

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