Canna are a Dutch company that put a lot of money and time into research and development and their range of Canna nutrients and additives and also growing media certainly shows this. A wonderful selection of products to choose from for hydroponics, soil or coco cultivation.

Canna Rhizotonic

Canna Rhizotonic is a powerful root stimulator that can be used for soil, hydroponics and coco, the first few weeks of your plants growing period. Rhizotonic has an algae based formula which helps to stimulate the plants root system to grow very quickly and also improve the amount of nutrient taken up, through the roots.

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Canna Aktrivator

Canna Aktrivator granules contain Trichoderma, which colonise your plant root system to help stimulate the growth and root development of young rooted plants. Canna Aktrivator should be mixed in well with your soil or coco substrate before planting your recently rooted cuttings into the growing media.

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Cannazym is an enzyme based product that can be used with any growing media to help to speed up the breaking down of any dead root material that exists inside. Cannazym activates micro life and makes absorption better for the nutrients, it also helps your plants to increase their resistance against any nasty pathogens.

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Canna Start Nutrient

Canna Start is a complete fully balanced one part nutrient solution that can be used on all types of growing media. Canna Start is to be used for the early stages with your seedlings or freshly rooted cuttings and supplies all the micro and macro nutritional elements essential for good growth in this early stage.

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Canna Hydro Nutrients

Canna Hydro nutrients are a two-part grow and bloom formula for hydroponics that work extremely well in any type of system, run to waste or re-circulating. Canna Hydro Vega and Flores contain the correct essential elements for optimum growth and flowering and they are both available in hard and soft water formulas.

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Canna Aqua Nutrients

Canna Aqua is one of the most popular nutrients used in the UK. A professional two-part nutrient for growing and also flowering your plants that contains ph-stabilisers, silicon, humic and fulvic acids. Canna Aqua is designed to be used with re-circulating hydroponic systems and with any water, hard or soft.

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Canna Coco Nutrients

Canna Coco nutrients are specifically designed to be used when you are growing plants in a coco substrate. Canna Coco nutrients are a two part formula that is used for both the growing and flowering stages of your plants and an additional boost can be used when flowering to improve your yield from your crop.

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Canna Coco Professional Plus

Canna Coco Professional Plus has the RHP certification and it also contains trichoderma, a beneficial bacteria that colonises the roots and helps protect your plants against disease. Canna Coco is an excellent choice for growing indoors and when used with Canna coco nutrients, the results can certainly be amazing.

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Canna Terra Nutrients

Canna Terra nutrients are a one part formula that are easy to use and have been specially developed for growing plants in soil. Canna Terra Vega will provide your plants with nitrogen, essential for the growth period and Canna Terra Flores will provide much higher levels of phosphorus and potassium.

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Canna Terra Professional Plus

Canna Terra Professional Plus is a great soil mix with a complex blend of peats and added nutrients to aid in rapid root development and plant growth. Canna Terra Professional Plus soil is great for your potted plants that are grown and fed by hand and it is also good for drip systems, like the Wilma Pot Systems.

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Canna Boost Accelerator

Canna Boost Accelerator is a powerful flowering stimulator that is added with your regular nutrients. Canna Boost should be used from the moment your flowers start to form on your plants to quickly boost their growth and you can also use Canna PK13/14 in your solution as well, for the best results possible.

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Canna PK 13/14

Canna PK13/14 is probably the most popular flowering boost used by growers for hydroponics, soil and coco cultivation. Canna PK13/14 contains high potassium and phosphate nutrients that plants will require at this critical stage. Use PK13/14 just weeks before harvest to increase the size and weight from your crops.

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Canna Flush

Canna Flush can be used with all types of growing media, hydroponics, soil and coco. It will help to quickly flush away any accumulation of salts in the media and excess nutrients in the plants when your edible crops are nearly ready for harvest, and it can also be used during your cycle to recover plants that have been overfed.

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Canna Bottle Spanner

This bottle spanner from Canna is an exceptionally handy tool to have in your grow room if you intend to use or you do use 5 or 10 litre bottles of nutrients or additives, making it so much easier to open the bottles and especially to close them and seal them tightly, to enable them to last their lifespan in the bottle.

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