PH Buffer 4 & 7 Solution

PH Buffer 4 & 7 Solution
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To calibrate your PH meter you will need to use a solution of a fixed and known PH.

These PH buffer solutions from Growth Technology are of a known and fixed PH and they should be used on a regular basis to calibrate your meter, to ensure on going accuracy.

PH Buffer 7 will calibrate your meter to neutral and then you can use PH Buffer 4 to give a two point calibration to an acidic level for more accuracy.

Top Tip
It is wise to pour out a small amount of Buffer solution into a container to calibrate your meter and then discard the used solution so it cannot contaminate your unused solution.

G2318  PH Buffer 4 Solution - 250ml 3.00
G2319  PH Buffer 7 Solution - 250ml 3.00

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