Aeroponics 20 Site Propagator

Aeroponics 20 Site Propagator
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This Aeroponics 20 Site Propagator from Nutriculture is a great little unit for any grower who wishes to take cuttings from a donor plant and root them quickly.

These aeroponics propagators provide the correct humid environment with the clear high top lid. A butterfly vent fitted on top of the lid allows you to control the humidity level inside by simply opening and closing the vent.

The aeroponics delivery provides a spray of nutrient solution directly onto the base of the stem which quickly forms a root ball with the atmosphere provided around it and then the new roots can start to grow.

These aeroponic propagators can greatly reduce your rooting times if used correctly and get your plants off to a great start and successful cloning can usually be achieved within 7-10 days if your environment and lighting are sufficient.

How It Works
The cuttings are supported in the neoprene collars to hold them firmly in place in the mesh pots.

The water is stored in the tank below and a pump delivers it through mist heads to soak your cuttings from below.

The temperatures and humidity levels inside the lid are controlled by gradually opening and closing the large butterfly vent on the top of the lid.

Once rooted you can remove the cuttings from the collars and transplant them into any hydroponics system or any growing media you prefer.

Dimensions: (H,W,D) 46 x 58 x 46cm

G1703  Aeroponics 20 Site Propagator - Complete 60.00
G1704  Aeroponics 20 Site Propagator - Correx 2.60
G1705  Aeroponics 20 Site Propagator - Irrigation H Tube 5.50

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