Timers, Tools & Accessories

Timers, Tools & Accessories

In your hydroponics growroom some tasks can be very time consuming or awkward and having some handy tools and accessories can make life much easier and the job quicker to complete. Plug timers, segmental or digital can be used for your appliances to control the on and off periods, making your garden fully automated. Microscopes can be used to identify insects, so you can treat your plants quickly and scissors and drying racks can be used when you harvest your crop and need to store it.

Grasslin 24hr Segmental Timer

Grasslin 24hr segmental timers are set in 15 minute periods and they can be used to safely control the On and Off times of many appliances in your growroom like pumps, fans and heaters. Simply push the amount of pins out to match the time period you require your appliance to be on and plug it into the mains.

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Grasslin Digital Timer

Grasslin Digital timers have a built in relay and can switch high current loads on many items in your growroom, but they are not recommended to use alone with HID lighting. Grasslin digital timers give far more accuracy with your on and off periods compared to a segmental timer, great for flood and drain systems.

From: 24.50

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Plug & Grow Heavy Duty Timer

This 24 hour heavy duty plug timer is capable of switching high loads. It can be used to run a 600w grow light and it can also be used to control many other appliances in your grow room. Push the pins in to set the On period and pull the pins out to set the Off period, then set the timer to GMT and plug into the mains.

From: 12.00

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Ecotechnics Minute Timer

The Ecotechnics minute timer is a most reliable unit for controlling your pump feed times with more precision. It has 16 settings for the On and Off periods, with the On periods in minutes and the Off periods in 15 minute segments. This minute timer is fitted with a socket and a mains lead so it requires no wiring.

From: 55.00

Ecotechnics Minute Timermore

Buckets & Lids

These high quality multi purpose buckets are great for transporting and storing water in your growroom and they can also be used for mixing your water and nutrients in before emptying into your system. The buckets have a strong moulded handle and also come with a sealable lid to avoid any spillages.

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Softy Trim Scissors

Softy scissors are great for trimming and pruning your plants as they have large holes for your fingers which makes them very comfortable and easy to use for long periods. Softy scissors also have very sharp blades to reduce any major tissue damage on your plants when you are cutting and pruning them.

From: 4.95

Softy Trim Scissorsmore

Microtip Trim Scissors

These Microtip scissors are spring loaded and they are the ultimate trimming and pruning scissors. Microtip scissors have very sharp blades that will give a precise clean cut and leave very little tissue damage on your plants, soft rubber handles will also help to reduce any hand fatigue when using them for long periods.

From: 9.50

Microtip Trim Scissorsmore

Illuminated Microscope x40

This illuminated pocket microscope has a magnification of x40 and it can be used indoors and outdoors to identify any insects that have unfortunately inhabited your plants. It makes viewing them easy so you can make sure you treat your plants for the correct little pest that has settled on your crop before it's too late.

From: 12.50

Illuminated Microscope x40more

Active Eye Green LED Headlight

This Active Eye green LED headlight can be used when you need to work in your grow room during your plants dark period, as the green spectrum of light that is provided will not affect your plants at all. It is common for things to happen in your grow room when you least expect them, especially when light is not required.

From: 8.95

Active Eye Green LED Headlightmore

Stackable Mesh Dry Racks

These stackable mesh drying racks are great as they can be stacked on top of each other to the desired height required to store or dry your crops and the mesh fabric fitted to the poles will allow the air to flow freely through to prevent any mould from forming. Suitable to use with all flowers, vegetables and herbs.

From: 6.50

Stackable Mesh Dry Racksmore

Hanging Mesh Dry Rack

These hanging mesh racks are 60cm in diameter and have eight levels of fine mesh that are spaced 20cm apart. They should be hung from a firm fixing above to make sure they are well supported and they also have a handle at either end to allow you to turn them easily when you are drying any plants.

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Hanging Mesh Dry Rackmore

Measuring Pipettes

Pipettes are an essential tool for any grower to measure out small amounts of any liquid. Pipettes provide increased accuracy when measuring a liquid and help to prevent mistakes being made with the amounts that you are adding, great to use with PH adjusters when only small amounts are needed to correct PH levels.

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Measuring Pipettesmore

Measuring Syringes

Syringes are a great tool for accurately measuring out any nutrients or additives that you are adding into your water to feed your plants, taking any guesswork out of the equation. These syringes are clearly marked with the level down the side to show you exactly the amount of liquid inside to ensure it is correct.

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Measuring Syringesmore

Measuring Cups & Jugs

When you are measuring out any large amounts of liquid nutrients or additives, using a cup or a jug can make it much easier, far quicker and also very accurate. These measuring cups and jugs have markings down the side in millilitres, so you know exactly what amount you are adding into your main water tank.

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Measuring Cups & Jugsmore

Canna Bottle Spanner

This bottle spanner from Canna is an exceptionally handy tool to have in your grow room if you intend to use or you do use 5 or 10 litre bottles of nutrients or additives, making it so much easier to open the bottles and especially to close them and seal them tightly, to enable them to last their lifespan in the bottle.

From: 3.95

Canna Bottle Spannermore

Spray Bottle

A spray bottle is a handy item to have in your grow room especially if you have a propagation area or a pest problem. Spray bottles can be used to mist young plants to raise the humidity levels and also to foliar feed your plants and if unfortunately you have pests you can use them to spray and treat your plants.

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Spray Bottlemore

Essentials Room Clean

Room Clean is a 100% natural product that is used to clean and disinfect your growroom for a healthy environment. Room Clean will certainly help to remove unwanted dirt and grime and it is safe to use even with your plants in the room. Used regularly this product will keep your room free from bad fungi and bacteria.

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Essentials Room Cleanmore

ONA Odour Control

Ona Odour Control products are designed to eliminate any unwanted odours that are created in your house, car or garage and it works great against smelly pets. Ona is a natural and safe organic product that works by absorbing odour molecules that are present in the air and neutralises them to create a pleasant fresh smell.

From: 8.95

ONA Odour Controlmore

YoYo Plant Supports

YoYo plant supports are a superb invention for supporting heavy branches of flowering and fruit bearing plants. A YoYo can be fitted above your plants and the hook can be pulled down to connect to a branch on your plant to support it and the YoYo will retract as the plant grows constantly supporting it at all times.

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YoYo Plant Supportsmore

Pea Netting

Pea netting is great to use for supporting heavy fruit bearing plants and can be used outdoors in your garden or indoors in your grow room or tent. Pea netting can be fitted horizontally or vertically to suit the type of plants you are growing and with its large square holes the branches can be spaced out if required.

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Pea Nettingmore

Cable Ties

These cable ties are a very useful item to have in your growroom for keeping your cables tidy and neatly out of the way. Cable ties can be quickly zipped up around your cables to keep them neat and prevent any accidents and these cable ties are also strong enough to hold a basic reflector to some jack chain.

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Cable Tiesmore

Electrical Cable

This electrical cable can be used for wiring new fans for your ventilation or for replacing old worn cables on existing products in your growroom. This cable is 3 core (live, neutral and earth), with 1mm inner cables to connect to your plug and appliances. If in doubt always get an electrician to do the wiring for you.

From: 1.20

Electrical Cablemore


These electrical plugs can be used to replace broken or worn plugs on any fans, pumps and lighting in your growroom. Damaged or worn plugs should be replaced immediately to stop any risk of electrical fires occurring in your room. If in doubt always consult an electrician to help or advise with any wiring.

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