Ecotechnics Diamond Reflector

Ecotechnics Diamond Reflector
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Ecotechnics designed the Diamond reflector for one thing only, and that is to deliver the maximum amount of light to your garden below, to increase your yield.

The Diamond is an enclosed dual parabolic reflector that has been tried and tested against many similar designs and has always outperformed them all. The unique design and shape of the Diamond reflector partners High Pressure Sodium lamps extremely well and allows more even growth with your plants and it also reduces the chances of hot spots glowing on your garden.

The Diamond reflector is fitted with a 4 metre cable with a standard IEC connection to fit onto your ballast.

Diamond 250/400w - (h,w,d) 14 x 55 x 49cm

Diamond 600w - (h,w,d) 16 x 65 x 60cm

Top Tip
This reflector can build up with heat slightly underneath itself as it is enclosed and you should ensure to have adequate air movement when using enclosed reflectors in your garden.

G1840  Ecotechnics Diamond Reflector - 250/400w 41.95
G1841  Ecotechnics Diamond Reflector - 600w 47.50

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