DWC 1 Potz System

DWC 1 Potz System
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The DWC 1 Potz is one of the most popular hydroponic units used in the UK for deep water culture, also commonly known as an Oxypot or Bubbler, its a sure winner that is available in 6 options.

The DWC 1 Potz hydroponics system is filled with a nutrient solution to a level just below the mesh basket where your plant is supported, allowing the roots to be suspended below into the nutrient solution. Normally this would create problems for the roots to develop in a still water environment, but this is where the bubbles come into play. An air pump constantly supplies a flow of fresh oxygen into the nutrient solution keeping it mixed well and highly oxygenated for your roots to flourish and this is what makes this method of hydroponics so easy and reliable.

You can view the remainding levels of solution in the system by looking at the green clear tube on the side and when it needs topping up you can pour some more solution through the hole in the lid.

You can purchase this unit with a 1 or 2 outlet air system or without an air system, just incase you already have your own or you wish to use multiple pots to create your own deep water culture system with a much larger air pump.

The drain tap is also optional, but it is an option we recommend. If you need to drain down the system you can simply open the tap at the bottom of the unit and it will drain down very quickly. Roots cannot block the drain tap as a drain filter is internally fitted to prevent this. You can also use the taps to easily connect multiple DWC Potz together with some pipe and fittings.

Dimensions : Height 32cm - Diameter 32cm

G0400  DWC 1 Potz System - NO Air Kit 15.00
G0409  DWC 1 Potz System - 1 Outlet Air Kit 20.00
G0410  DWC 1 Potz System - 2 Outlet Air Kit 25.00
G0411  DWC 1 Potz System - Drain Tap & NO Air Kit 20.00
G0412  DWC 1 Potz System - Drain Tap & 1 Outlet Air Kit 25.00
G0413  DWC 1 Potz System - Drain Tap & 2 Outlet Air Kit 30.00

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