Formulex Nutrient

Formulex Nutrient
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Formulex has become a household name amongst growers and it has been the most popular choice of nutrient for many years, to raise seedlings or cuttings with.

Formulex is a one part fully balanced nutrient that is ideal to use for soil and hydroponics and it is specially formulated for plants that are young and in their early stages of life.

Seedlings and cuttings can be raised with this nutrient until they are well established and ready for transplanting on to their next stage and a stronger nutrient can then be applied.

Formulex is also a great product to apply to your plants through their foliage, especially cuttings. It can be mixed and sprayed or misted onto your cuttings in low light conditions or just before your lights go off and it should be done on a weekly basis.

Formulex has a buffered PH and usually requires no PH adjustment when added to your water.

How To Use
Soil - Add 5ml per litre of water.

Hydroponics - Add 10ml per litre of water.

Foliar Feeding - Add 5ml per litre of water.

G1500  Formulex - 500 ml 3.45
G1501  Formulex - 1 litre 5.45
G15104  Formulex - 5 litre 14.00

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