Aerowing Digital Grow Lights

Aerowing Digital Grow Lights
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These Aerowing digital grow lights from Powerplant are an amazing piece of kit and are great for grow rooms where heat could be an issue.

These digital grow lights come in a kit that has the Powerplant Aerowing reflector, which is designed to be used inline with your growroom extraction system. The Aerowing reflector has 6" spigots at either end to easily connect your ducting, when the lamp is on the extraction system should also be on to remove the heat from your growroom and especially your lamp, a toughened sheet of glass is provided and seals the reflector perfectly.

The Powerplant Lumatek digital ballast is also supplied and is a compact, lightweight and very efficient ballast. All sizes have the super lumen boost switch to increase your light when needed, and give a boost to your plants.

To complete the 250w kit a Powerplant Super HPS lamp is supplied, the 400w and 600w kits come with a Sylvannia Grolux HPS lamp, which is suitable to use for the growth and flowering stage of your plants.

G1815  Aerowing Digital Grow Light - 250w Kit 165.00
G1816  Aerowing Digital Grow Light - 400w Kit 190.00
G1817  Aerowing Digital Grow Light - 600w Kit 220.00

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