Grasslin 24hr Segmental Timer

Grasslin 24hr Segmental Timer
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Grasslin segmental plug timers are very reliable units for controlling your on and off periods with electrical products in your grow room that need to be timed.

Grasslin 24hr plug timers are set in 15-minute segments making them very easy to set. Simply pull out the pins for the time you require your appliance to be on and plug it into a mains outlet and plug your appliance into the timer. As the clock turns round and reaches your pins that are up, it will allow the power through to turn on your appliance.

Grasslin segmental plug timers are NOT designed to run HID lighting without the use of a lighting contactor, as the load required to strike the lamp is far too high for the timer.

G2733  Grasslin 24hr Segmental Timer 10.99

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