Plants grown with hydroponics or even with soil or coco, will depend on a regular supply of good quality nutrients supplied to their roots, for them to feed and grow. During their life cycle they will require large amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium with other elements required in much smaller amounts. These nutrients should be added into the water supply so that they are constantly available for your plants to absorb as much of them through their roots as and when they are required.

Formulex Nutrient

Formulex is a complete fully balanced one part nutrient solution that is ideal for hydroponics and general soil gardening. Formulex has been around for years and is used by many growers to raise their seedlings and cuttings before they are well established and need transplanting on and advancing to a stronger nutrient.

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Canna Start Nutrient

Canna Start is a complete fully balanced one part nutrient solution that can be used on all types of growing media. Canna Start is to be used for the early stages with your seedlings or freshly rooted cuttings and supplies all the micro and macro nutritional elements essential for good growth in this early stage.

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Canna Hydro Nutrients

Canna Hydro nutrients are a two-part grow and bloom formula for hydroponics that work extremely well in any type of system, run to waste or re-circulating. Canna Hydro Vega and Flores contain the correct essential elements for optimum growth and flowering and they are both available in hard and soft water formulas.

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Canna Aqua Nutrients

Canna Aqua is one of the most popular nutrients used in the UK. A professional two-part nutrient for growing and also flowering your plants that contains ph-stabilisers, silicon, humic and fulvic acids. Canna Aqua is designed to be used with re-circulating hydroponic systems and with any water, hard or soft.

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Canna Terra Nutrients

Canna Terra nutrients are a one part formula that are easy to use and have been specially developed for growing plants in soil. Canna Terra Vega will provide your plants with nitrogen, essential for the growth period and Canna Terra Flores will provide much higher levels of phosphorus and potassium.

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Canna Coco Nutrients

Canna Coco nutrients are specifically designed to be used when you are growing plants in a coco substrate. Canna Coco nutrients are a two part formula that is used for both the growing and flowering stages of your plants and an additional boost can be used when flowering to improve your yield from your crop.

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Canna Bio Nutrients

Canna Bio is a 100% organic nutrient that is packed full of proteins, fruit acids and vitamins. Canna Bio Vega is for the growing stage and contains a formula that produces lush healthy growth. Canna Bio Flores is used for the flowering or fruiting stage and contains hop extract for that extra bit of strength to be provided.

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Plagron Terra Nutrients

Plagron Terra nutrients are a one part formula, designed to be used with soil. Plagron Terra grow provides your plants with all they need to become big, strong and very green. Plagron Terra bloom contains essential elements critical for the flowering period to help deliver the best results possible from your garden.

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Plagron Alga Nutrients

Plagron Alga nutrients are a one part organic grow and bloom formula, that contains amino acids, trace elements and minerals. Plagron Alga organic nutrients are specially designed to be used with any organic soils and Plagron Alga nutrients can also be used to feed plants that are grown in coco coir fibres.

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Plagron Cocos Nutrients

Plagron Cocos nutrients are becoming very popular in the UK. This two-part coco nutrient is a strong concentrate, bio-mineral liquid fertilizer that is used for both the growth and flowering stages of your plants. Plagron Cocos nutrients are highly recommended for use with Plagron Cocos Premium, a partnership for results.

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Biobizz Bio Nutrients

Biobizz organic nutrients are a one part formula that have been around for years and is highly regarded by many growers. Bio Grow is used for the growth period and it is also used alongside Bio Bloom for the flowering period of your plants. Biobizz is a great nutrient to use for plants grown indoors or outdoors.

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Plant Magic Plus Hydro Nutrients

Plant Magic Plus Hydro nutrients are a two part grow and bloom formula, specifically designed for UK water. This hydroponics nutrient can be used with re-circulating systems or run to waste systems and will provide your plants with all the essential elements needed during their growth and flowering stages.

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Plant Magic Plus Soil Nutrients

Plant Magic Plus Soil nutrients are available in a one part formula for grow and a one part formula for bloom. This special blend contains humates, trace elements, Magnesium and Calcium, all mixed at the correct proportions to ensure rapid healthy growth and also a rapid development of vibrant large flowers.

From: 9.50

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Plant Magic Old Timer Nutrients

Plant Magic Plus Old Timer is an organic one part nutrient, available in a grow and bloom formula. Plant Magic Plus Old Timer has the correct proportion of NPK to ensure a healthy crop right through to harvest and this special formula will also help to feed beneficial fungi and micro-organisms in your growing media.

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House & Garden Aqua Flakes

Aqua Flakes are a two part base nutrient that is used for both the growth stage of your plants and also the flowering stage with additional House & Garden additives and boosts used to increase your yield. Aqua Flakes are designed for use with re-circulating hydroponic systems and they help you to produce some great results.

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House & Garden Soil Nutrients

House & Garden soil nutrients are a two part A and B formula that are designed to be used for the whole cycle of your plants life, growth and flowering. This base set of nutrients contains humic and fulvic acids which aid with nutrient uptake and additional additives can be used at the critical stages to help boost your plants.

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House & Garden Cocos Nutrients

This two part cocos nutrient from House & Garden is specifically designed to be used for both the growth stage and flowering stage of your plants cycle, as a basic nutritional feed. House & Garden Cocos nutrients contain humic and fulvic acids, which aid the plant with nutrient uptake for a bigger and better harvest.

From: 12.95

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Vitalink Easy

Vitalink Easy nutrients are available in a grow and bloom, one part formula. Vitalink Easy Grow nutrient will provide your plants with enough nitrogen and other essential elements, critical for this stage and Vitalink Easy Bloom will ensure your plants have all the correct elements they need, during their flowering period.

From: 15.00

Vitalink Easymore

Vitalink Max

Vitalink Max is a two part hydroponic nutrient that was specially developed in the UK and it has under gone many tests, proving to be a reliable, well balanced nutrient formula that helps to max your plants for the best results possible and Vitalink Max has been a top seller for many years now, because of this.

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