Nite Nite Spider Mite

Nite Nite Spider Mite
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Nite Nite Spider Mite is a 100% natural organic concentrate that is diluted into warm water and applied with a spray bottle to your plants and infested areas to help control and eliminate spider mites infestations.

Nite Nite Spider Mite suffocates the adult mites and stops them in their tracks, quickly decreasing the population of spider mites and also preventing them from breeding. Heavy infestations will require several treatments as any eggs laid will hatch and will need treating again with a spray.

Nite Nite Spider Mite should be sprayed onto your plants at the end of the day period allowing it to work overnight when the lights are off. Ensure all surfaces of the plant are sprayed, including the underside of the leaves and especially where the mites are visible.

How To Use
Do NOT mix Nite Nite Spider Mite with any type of wetting agent.

Add at the rate of 50ml per litre of water and then apply to your plants and infested areas with a spray bottle.

G2400  Nite Nite Spider Mite - 250ml 13.50

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