Drip Potz Systems

Drip Potz Systems

Drip Potz systems are the most versatile hydroponics pot system available, allowing you to grow in round or square pots or Root Pruning Air Pot's and with any growing media you choose. These top feed drip systems deliver your nutrient solution at minute timed intervals into your growing media, to feed your plants. Excess nutrient solution will drain through filter screens to prevent any debris entering the drain pipes and it can then be re-circulated back into the main tank or it can be run to waste.

Drip 1 Potz System

The Drip 1 Potz system is a great self contained unit that just requires some growing media and a timer to control the feed times. The stored nutrient solution is pumped into the top of the chosen media contained in the 10" mesh pot and it then drains back into the tank below. A filter is fitted to stop roots entering the drain tap.

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Drip 6 Potz System

The Drip 6 Potz System is a great size kit for the hobby pot grower. This system can be purchased with round or square pots, Root Pouch or Air Pots and also without pots, incase you already have them. This system can also fit inside a 1.2 x 1.2 grow tent with the reservoir placed outside and it can re-circulate or run to waste.

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Drip 12 Potz System

The Drip 12 Potz System can be used with two 600w grow lights in a well ventilated area. This top feed drip system can be used with any growing media you choose to use, coco, soil, clay pebbles or even a 50/50 mix and you can easily view the run off from each pot to ensure all the plants are being fed correctly.

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Drip 24 Potz System

The Drip 24 Potz System comes complete with a 200 litre reservoir, feed pump, pot stands and saucers, pipes assembled, drain filter screens, Header Return Potz, various pots if required and an Ecotechnics minute timer and a Grasslin plug timer to control the feed times with much more precision.

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Drip 36 Potz System

The Drip 36 Potz System can be easily assembled together to provide you with a run to waste system or a re-circulating system to grow 36 large plants in 18 litre pots, if chosen. Smaller pots can be used to start your plants in the system and they can be repotted into the 18 litre pots when they are established and ready.

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Drip 48 Potz System

The Drip 48 Potz System requires only one pump to deliver the nutrient solution to all the plants to feed them and any excess solution can quickly drain from the saucers to allow your media and plant roots to dry slightly, before their next feed. Excess solution can be re-circulated or run to waste into another tank or drain.

From: 925.00

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Drip 60 Potz System

The Drip 60 Potz System comes with a 350 litre reservoir to store your nutrient solution in, ready for feeding your plants. The Ecotechnics minute timer will control the feed pump and the solution will be delivered through the pipes and fittings. An inline filter is fitted to the irrigation and it should be cleaned regularly.

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Drip Potz Stand Saucer & Filter

Drip Potz systems have specially moulded stands and saucers which allow any pot to be used that fits into the saucer. A drain gland can be fitted into the sunken hole and a fitting and pipe can be used to run the excess solution away. A mesh filter screen is placed into the saucer to help prevent any debris entering the pipes.

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