Mantis Digital Grow Lights

Mantis Digital Grow Lights
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These Mantis digital grow lights consist of a Powerplant Lumatek digital ballast, a Powerplant Mantis reflector and an HPS lamp.

The digital ballasts are highly efficient as they require less electric to run than a normal ballast and produce far less heat and noise, they are also lightweight and can be fitted easily to a wall. They also have a super lumen switch fitted which allows you to increase the lumen output of your lamp at any time.

The Mantis reflector is an adjustable dual parabolic reflector, that has five settings to suit the growth pattern of your plants and also the size of your garden. The open ended design of the reflector also allows the heat to be removed quickly from the lamp and keep your temperatures down.

The 250w kits come with a Powerplant Super HPS lamp and the 400w and 600w kits come with a Sylvannia Grolux HPS lamp which have added blue to the spectrum and are perfect for growing and flowering your plants under.

G1833  Mantis Digital Grow Light - 250w Kit 165.00
G1834  Mantis Digital Grow Light - 400w Kit 190.00
G1835  Mantis Digital Grow Light - 600w Kit 210.00

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