Growroom Ventilation & Co2

Growroom Ventilation & Co2

When growing plants indoors with hydroponics, it is necessary to remove all the hot stale air produced by the lamps, from around the plants and to provide a new breath of fresh air rich in Co2, in amongst your plants and above their canopy. This can easily be achieved with our great selection of ventilation fans, carbon filters, ducting and fittings which can easily be set up to extract all the hot stale air away and supply plenty of clean fresh air into your hydroponics grow room.

Budget Carbon Filter Extraction Kits

If you are on a tight budget when setting up your indoor hydroponic grow room, dont panic. We have several items on our site that are of low cost and this budget extraction kit is one of them. The kit will happily remove the hot stale air from your grow room whilst trapping any unwanted odours and pollens in the carbon filter.

From: 69.95

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Phat Filter Extraction Kits

These Phat Filter Extraction Kits will remove all pollens and odours that are produced in your indoor growroom with ease. Our extraction kits come complete with a Phat carbon filter, RVK inline fan, cable and plug, fast clamp, jubilee clip and 5 metres of ducting. The inline fan requires basic wiring to connect plug.

From: 130.00

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Phat Filter Acoustic Extraction Kits

Our acoustic extraction kits come with a Phat carbon filter, KSA acoustic fan, 3 x jubilee clips and 5 metres of insulated ducting. The KSA fans are very powerful for their size, but also very quiet and they have a temp and idle speed control built into the unit. Simply set the dials so the fan can maintain the set temperature.

From: 215.00

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Acoustic Box Fans

These acoustic box fans are a small compact design, but yet they are very powerful. They are designed to move large volumes of air very quietly and efficiently and they also have a fan speed control and temperature setting built in, giving you total control of your growroom temperatures with the turn of a dial.

From: 145.00

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Vent TT Hydroponic Fans

Vent TT hydroponic fans are great for moving large volumes of air from your grow room, at a low cost. The inline fan is fitted into a bracket that can be mounted onto a wall and the fan can be unclipped and removed easily for maintenance without the need to remove the ducting from the bracket. Cable & plug supplied.

From: 39.95

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SystemAir RVK Inline Fans

Systemair RVK inline fans are the most silent and reliable inline hydroponic fans available for moving large volumes of air, in your growroom or greenhouse. These fans can be mounted in a vertical or horizontal position with the bracket supplied and your ducting can then be connected to each side of the fan.

From: 60.00

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Budget Carbon Filters

Prima Klima home edition carbon filters are great for growers who are on a tight budget. Packed with activated virgin carbon pellets and a 51% open mesh area, these filters will remove all odours and pollens from within your grow room for around 9-12 months before they will need replacing with a new one.

From: 29.95

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Phat Filters

Phat Filters are the best carbon filters available for removing unwanted odours from your grow room. The design of these filters is second to none and the charcoal used inside is the best on the planet. If you require your extracted air to be clean of unwanted odours, we recommend you buy yourself a Genuine Phat Filter.

From: 55.00

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Primair Twin Fan Speed Controller

The Primair fan speed controller will control both your inlet and outlet fans for your growroom environment. Set the temperature you require in your room and the idle speed of the fans and the units probe will read and control the running of both the fans to maintain the required set temperature for your growroom.

From: 89.95

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SMS Fan Speed Controller

This SMS Fan Speed Controller makes it simple to manually adjust and slow the running speed of any type of outlet or inlet fan. The unit is compact, easy to use and there is no wiring necessary. Simply plug the fan controller into the mains and plug your fan into the unit and adjust the dial to regulate the speed of the fan.

From: 45.00

SMS Fan Speed Controllermore

SMS Smart Fan Speed Controller

The SMS Smart Fan Controller is the perfect unit for any grower who wishes to control one fan and maintain their grow room environment with more precision. The technology in this unit is designed to speed up or slow your fan down to maintain the required temperature accurately, so all you do is set the dials.

From: 74.95

SMS Smart Fan Speed Controllermore

SMS Twin Fan Speed Controller

The SMS Twin fan speed controller is a real step forwards for automatically controlling the temperature in your room. Simply plug your inlet and outlet fans into the unit, set your temperature and idle speed for your fans and the unit will do the rest and control the running of the fans to maintain the environment for you.

From: 95.00

SMS Twin Fan Speed Controllermore

Tubular Grow Room Heaters

These tubular greenhouse and growroom heaters are great for cooler grow rooms. They will help you to maintain the optimum temperature for your plants and they are splashproof and rated at IP55 with a two metre cable and plug fitted. Stands are also supplied with these heaters to raise them slightly off the floor.

From: 25.00

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Wall & Floor Fans

These wall and floor fans are superb at moving the air around in your growroom, especially amongst your plants. These fans are made for quiet running and have 3 speed settings, they can be mounted onto the wall or simply placed onto the floor and set in a horizontal or vertical position to move the air around.

From: 19.95

Wall & Floor Fansmore

Clip On Fan

Clip on fans are great for providing air movement around your plants in very small grow rooms. These clip on fans have a strong clip to hold them in almost any position and they can easily be turned to suit the direction you require. They have two speed settings and are ideal to use inside any grow tent.

From: 11.00

Clip On Fanmore

Oscillating Pedestal Fan

Oscillating pedestal fans are great for larger grow rooms to provide plenty of air movement amongst the plants. These oscillating fans have an adjustable angle and height for the fan blades and they have three speed settings giving you total control of the direction and flow of air spread around your room and plants.

From: 19.95

Oscillating Pedestal Fanmore

Thermometer Hygrometer

This thermometer and hygrometer unit simultaneously displays your growroom or greenhouse temperatures and humidity levels on a large screen. The maximum and minimum temperature and humidity level reached in your growroom is also stored in the unit and can be displayed with the touch of a button and then reset.

From: 9.95

Thermometer Hygrometermore

Nutrient Growroom Thermometer

This nutrient and growroom thermometer displays the temperature of your nutrient solution in your tank and also your growroom or greenhouse air temperature. Maximum and minimum temperatures reached in your tank and growroom are stored in the unit and can be displayed for your viewing and then reset.

From: 9.95

Nutrient Growroom Thermometermore

Flexible Silencers

Flexible silencers are great for ventilation systems to help reduce any noise levels that are created by your inline fans. These flexible silencers are one metre in length and can be bent easily into position to fit neatly into or around any corner of your room, they can also be used in a straight position if required.

From: 28.95

Flexible Silencersmore

Rigid Silencers

These top quality rigid silencers are great for reducing any noise levels created by your ventilation fans. These rigid fan silencers have a 50mm bed of insulation, sandwiched between a perforated sheet that lines the inside to absorb and eliminate some of the noise created from the fan and the air travelling through.

From: 40.00

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Aluminium Ducting

This aluminium ducting is flexible and is used in your growroom to connect your inline fans, carbon filters and silencers together to create a sealed passage for the air to travel through. Aluminium ducting can be easily cut and fitted with either some tape or jubilee clips and it is available in various sizes and length's.

From: 1.75

Aluminium Ductingmore

Acoustic Insulated Ducting

Acoustic insulated ducting offers far more noise reduction as the air travels through the ducting, due to its insulated properties when compared to any normal aluminium ducting. Acoustic insulated ducting also transfers hot air better to or from your grow room, as it lets off no heat emissions from the outside of the ducting.

From: 3.50

Acoustic Insulated Ductingmore

Vinyl Duct Tape

Vinyl duct tape is a very handy item to have in your growroom, as it can be used to fix and repair many things quickly. Vinyl duct tape is not recommended for connecting anything together where heat is produced or transfered, as any heat in contact with the tape will quickly dry the glue and the tape will fall off.

From: 5.25

Vinyl Duct Tapemore

Aluminium Foil Duct Tape

Aluminium foil duct tape is great to use in your growroom as it far more effective against the high temperatures we produce, compared to many other tapes available. Aluminium foil duct tape can be used to seal your ducting joints and it is also an excellent choice of tape for hanging your reflective sheeting.

From: 5.75

Aluminium Foil Duct Tapemore

Fast Clamp

Fast clamps, also known as ventilation collars, will provide a secure professional fixing when connecting your silencer, carbon filter or fan together. These fast clamps have a neoprene lining to seal the joint perfectly and they can be connected very easily with just a screwdriver, to provide a secure fixing.

From: 7.50

Fast Clampmore

Jubilee Clip

Jubilee clips are a great solution for quickly and securely fixing your ducting to your fans and filters in your growroom, for your ventilation. Simply slide your ducting onto your fitting and undo the jubilee clip to place it around the ducting and fitting and then screw it tight to hold the ducting securely in place.

From: 1.40

Jubilee Clipmore

Equal T Section

Using an equal T section will allow you to split your ducting and air to be drawn or delivered via 2 points, using only 1 fan. An equal T can be fitted directly onto the fan and the two runs of ducting can be connected to the outlets on the T, or you can simply fit the T into existing runs of duct to branch off to a new point.

From: 10.50

Equal T Sectionmore

Equal Y Section

Equal Y sections are great for dividing your ventilation ducting into two different areas, to extract hot stale air or supply fresh, clean air from just one fan. Equal Y sections can be connected directly to your inline fan with a fast clamp and your two lines of duct can be connected to the Y section with two jubilee clips.

From: 19.50

Equal Y Sectionmore

Ducting Reducer

Ducting reducers can be used for your ventilation system, to reduce or increase the size of your ducting. If you are using only one fan to supply or extract air from several areas, ducting reducers can be fitted to reduce the individual runs of duct, to maintain a good flow of air throughout the ventilation system.

From: 7.00

Ducting Reducermore

Back Draft Shutter

Back draft shutters are great for growroom ventilation systems that allow the air to enter or escape, when the fans are turned off. They can be installed inline into your ducting, near to the inlet and outlet holes of your grow room and the hinged doors will close and prevent the air from entering or escaping your grow room.

From: 14.50

Back Draft Shuttermore

Ducting Connector

Ducting connectors are a very handy fitting that can be used to connect two pieces of ducting of equal size in diameter, to allow you to extend any duct, aluminium or acoustic to produce much longer length's of ducting for larger grow rooms. They can also be used to extend your existing ducting, if required.

From: 2.00

Ducting Connectormore

Wall Spigot

Wall spigots can be used to connect your ducting to a partition or wall of your growroom, that has a hole made for your fresh air inlet or your extraction outlet. Wall spigots can be fixed over your inlet or outlet hole with no nails adhesive or they can be drilled and screwed in place and your ducting fixed over the fitting.

From: 1.95

Wall Spigotmore

Ecotechnics Unis Co2 Controller

The Unis Co2 Controller from Ecotechnics has been the UK's best selling Co2 controller for many years now. The Unis controller simply connects to a bottle of Co2 and plugs into a timer, you then choose the setting for your room size, to ensure it releases the correct amount of Co2 into the grow room for your plants.

From: 150.00

Ecotechnics Unis Co2 Controllermore

Co2 Layflat Release Pipe

Co2 layflat release pipe can be connected to your Co2 unit, to direct all the Co2 released to the exact areas in your grow room where you require it to be. Once cut to length it can be fixed to the outlet and sealed at the other end, small holes can be made in the pipe to allow the Co2 to escape into the room.

From: 0.40

Co2 Layflat Release Pipemore

10" RVK Fan Mounting Bracket

These high quality well manufactured fan brackets are suitable for mounting your RVK inline fans very quickly and easily. Fix the bracket to a wall or a ceiling and the fan can be simply pushed into place and also removed for maintenance very easily without removing your ducting.

From: 6.00


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