Rhino Carbon Filter Extraction Kits

Rhino Carbon Filter Extraction Kits
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Our Rhino carbon filter extraction kits are used in your grow room to remove all the hot stale air produced by the lamps and the odours and pollens produced by the plants. The Rhino carbon filter will absorb all the odours and pollens allowing only clean warm air to escape through the ducting to the outlet.

These extraction kits should be hung at the highest point in your grow room to ensure all the heat that rises is removed easily to help maintain the temperatures you require.

Our Rhino carbon filter extraction kits are supplied with an RVK fan which does requires some basic wiring and you also have a choice between aluminium ducting and acoustic ducting to be supplied with the kit.

Rhino carbon filter extraction kits come complete with a Rhino Carbon Filter, RVK fan, cable and plug, fast clamp, jubilee clip and 5 metres of aluminium or acoustic ducting.

How to Choose
Measure your grow room in metres, height, width and depth. Now multiply the three amounts together to get the total cubic metres of air inside your grow room.

We recommend you multiply the total by 30; this will give you an amount in cubic metres that will completely extract the air in the room every two minutes.

The addition of grow lights that produce heat also accounts to the amount you will need to remove. For every light hung we recommend you add 10%

Room size h, w, d - 2 x 2 x 3 = 12

12 x 30 = 360

Two grow lights add 20%

360 + 20% = 432

An extraction kit of 432m3/hr or above, will be adequate for a room this size with two grow lights hung inside.

Extraction Kit Air Flow Rating
4" (100mm) - 350m3/hr

5" (125mm) - 500m3/hr

6" A1 (150mm) - 600m3/hr

6" L1 (150mm) - 900m3/hr

8" (200mm) - 1125m3/hr

10" (250mm) - 1420m3/hr

G2000  Extraction Kit - 4" (100mm) - Aluminium Duct 130.00
G2001  Extraction Kit - 5" (125mm) - Aluminium Duct 150.00
G2002  Extraction Kit - 6" A1 (150mm) - Aluminium Duct 185.00
G2003  Extraction Kit - 6" L1 (150mm) - Aluminium Duct 225.00
G2004  Extraction Kit - 8" (200mm) - Aluminium Duct 245.00
G2006  Extraction Kit - 10" (250mm) - Aluminium Duct 295.00
G2007  Extraction Kit - 4" (100mm) - Acoustic Duct 135.00
G2008  Extraction Kit - 5" (125mm) - Acoustic Duct 155.00
G2009  Extraction Kit - 6" A1 (150mm) - Acoustic Duct 190.00
G2010  Extraction Kit - 6" L1 (150mm) - Acoustic Duct 230.00
G2011  Extraction Kit - 8" (200mm) - Acoustic Duct 250.00
G2013  Extraction Kit - 10" (250mm) - Acoustic Duct 305.00

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