Plant Magic Magne Cal

Plant Magic Magne Cal
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Plant Magic Magne Cal is an additive that can be used with your regular nutrient, to help improve your plants if they are suffering with a deficiency from either magnesium or calcium and it can be used in the vegetative stage and also in the flowering stage.

Plant Magic Magne Cal also works extremely well alongside any PK booster, to aid with the uptake of these vital elements and also giving the plant a surge of trace elements contained in the formula.

As the demand for phosphorus and potassium increases in the flowering period, so does the need for magnesium and calcium and it is vital to have the correct ratio, which Plant Magic Magne Cal certainly has.

08-039  Plant Magic Magne Cal - 500ml 6.99
08-040  Plant Magic Magne Cal - 1 litre 13.99
08-041  Plant Magic Magne Cal - 5 litre 54.99

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