Hydroponic Systems

Hydroponic Systems

We stock a variety of hydroponic systems, which cover the most popular methods used for indoor cultivation, and all our hydroponic systems are available in different sizes to suit your needs. Aeroponic systems, dripper systems, hybrid deep water culture drip systems and hybrid flood & drain bubbler systems as well.

Pro Flo Deep Water Culture Systems

Pro Flo Deep Water Culture Systems recirculate the nutrient solution through 42mm diameter pipe at the base of the system and 19mm diameter pipe at the top, providing a constant flow throughout the 30 litre Potz. Available with or without a Flexi Tank and float top up system.

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Aero Potz

Aero Potz aeroponic systems deliver the nutrient solution into each Aero Potz through two inverted sprinklers, giving total coverage inside and preventing any entanglement with the root system below. Excess solution is automatically drained from the system and returned back into the main tank for later use.

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Drip Potz

Drip Potz are the most versatile hydroponic dripper systems available, allowing you to use any size pot to establish your plants, until they are ready for the 18 litre square pots provided, and you can also use any type of growing media you wish to use to grow your plants with, soil, coco or clay pebbles.

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DWC Potz

DWC Potz are a hybrid design that combine deep water culture with a top feed drip system. This allows you to start with young plants that require no hand watering to establish themselves in the system, and it also allows you to let the levels go low until refilling, as the roots will be regularly showered from above.

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Flood Potz

Flood Potz flood & drain systems are a hybrid design that combines a bubbler system with this most popular method for hydroponics cultivation. This design aerates the solution and roots as the Potz flood and also draws more air in as they drain, providing the optimum environment for extreme plant growth.

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