Hydroponic Nutrients

Hydroponic Nutrients

When growing hydroponically, you will need to supply your plants with a hydroponic nutrient, added into the water. We stock one and two part hydroponic nutrients for both the vegetative stage and also the flowering stage of your crops cycle and some are available in hard and soft water formulas to suit your water supply.

Canna Aqua Nutrients

Canna Aqua is one of the most popular nutrients used in the UK. A professional two-part nutrient for growing and also flowering your plants that contains ph-stabilisers, silicon, humic and fulvic acids. Canna Aqua is designed to be used with re-circulating hydroponic systems and with any water, hard or soft.

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Green Haze Nutrients

Green Haze nutrients are a two part grow and bloom formula for hydroponics. Originally a Dutch formula that is now manufactured and bottled right here in the UK. A well respected nutrient that can be used with any type of recirculating system, NFT, flood and drain, aeroponic, drip or deep water culture.

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Dutch Pro Hydro Coco Nutrients

Dutch Pro Hydro Coco nutrients are suitable for either method of cultivation, hydroponics or coco. A two part grow and two part bloom formula that provide the essential elements required for fast healthy growth and abundant flowering. Available in hard and soft water to better suit your water supply.

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Plant Magic Hydro Nutrients

Plant Magic Plus Hydro nutrients are a two part grow and bloom formula, specifically designed for UK water. This hydroponics nutrient can be used with re-circulating systems or run to waste systems and will provide your plants with all the essential elements needed, during their growth and flowering stages.

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House & Garden Aqua Flakes

House & garden Aqua Flakes are a two part grow and two part bloom hydroponic nutrient, that is suitable to use with any type of hydroponic system, NFT, flood and drain or deep water culture. A well respected Dutch nutrient that provides your plants with all the food they need for lush growth and heavy flowering.

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