Grow Tents

Grow Tents

Grow tents provide the ideal enclosure for indoor hydroponics cultivation. They are quick and easy to assemble and they are capable of supporting all of the heavy equipment that is required, and with inlet and outlet holes fitted you can easily extract the hot stale air away and supply clean fresh air back inside.

Hydro Shoot Grow Tents

Hydro Shoot grow tents are a low cost range from Maxigrow that provide the same essential parts as any other tent available. A sturdy frame with a light proof cover, hanging bars and straps for lights, fans and filters, with a single inlet and outlet hole for ventilation and of course a large access door at the front.

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LightHouse Lite Grow Tents

LightHouse Lite grow tents provide the ideal enclosure for growers on a budget. 16mm steel poles and nylon corners support the Ultralux reflective material and of course the growing equipment hung inside, and inlet and outlet holes allow fans and ducting to be connected easily to control the environment inside.

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LightHouse Max Grow Tents

LightHouse Max grow tents are designed to provide the ultimate enclosure for your indoor hydroponic garden. Heavy duty steel poles, spring lock corners and multiple ducting outlets for ventilation, make these grow tents the number one choice for many growers who want no compromise when setting up their grow room.

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