Grow Tent Kits

Grow Tent Kits

If you are looking to set up a portable grow room and grow indoors, we have a great selection of grow tent kits for you to choose from, for hydroponics, organics, soil or coco cultivation and ranging in various sizes. Our grow tent kits are a great way to buy all the items you require as there is a discount on the price.

Hydroponic Grow Tent Kits

If you are looking to grow hydroponically and you require the full set up to get you growing, take a look at our fantastic range of hydroponic flood and drain grow tent kits, complete with everything you will require. There are four options to choose from with either 400w, 600w, 1200w or 2400w of light and of course there are four different sized grow tents.

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Coco Grow Tent Kits

These complete kits are supplied with all the items you will require to raise and grow your plants in coco. Housed inside a grow tent with the extraction and lighting hung above your plants, you can feed them with coco nutrients and additives to help them achieve their best results possible and you get to choose the brand, from either Plagron coco or Canna coco.

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Soil Grow Tent Kits

Choose from Canna, Plagron or Plant Magic soil, nutrients and additives to complete your soil grow tent kit. There are four sizes of tents available that come complete with all the lighting you will require for the size of the tent and also the extraction system to suit, plus there are many other items included, pots, saucers and propagation items.

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Organic Grow Tent Kits

If you wish to raise your plants organically with a certified range of organic nutrients, additives and an organic substrate, these grow tent kits are the ones for you. Simply choose between BioCanna or Biobizz for the organic range you would prefer and it will come complete with everything else you could imagine you will need, tent, light, extraction kit and much more.

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Budget Grow Tent Kits

If you are looking for a low cost solution to set up and grow at home, take a look at our range of budget grow tent kits. These kits provide all the essential items you will require and even though they are budget items they are still top quality products that have proven to be reliable and fit for the job. Grow Tent, light, extraction, pots, saucers, soil and nutrients.

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