Grow Tent Kits

Grow Tent Kits

If you are looking to set up a portable grow room and grow indoors, we have a great selection of grow tent kits for you to choose from, for hydroponics, organics, soil or coco cultivation and ranging in various sizes. Our grow tent kits are a great way to buy all the items you require as there is a discount on the price.

Hydroponics 400w Grow Tent Kit

If you want a small set up to grow your plants hydroponically with deep water culture, this hydroponics 400w grow tent kit provides all you need to get started. A Mammoth Classic 100 grow tent houses 4 x Bubble Pots, a 400w grow light, Rhino extraction kit and a set of Canna Aqua hydroponic nutrients.

From: 375.00

Hydroponics 400w Grow Tent Kitmore

Hydroponics 600w Grow Tent Kit

A Mammoth Classic 120 houses this hydroponics grow tent kit, which allows six plants to be grown in Bubble Pots. A 600w grow light with accessories and a 125mm Rhino extraction kit are supplied as well and Canna Aqua grow and bloom nutrients are provided for you to feed your plants in the bubbling solution.

From: 425.00

Hydroponics 600w Grow Tent Kitmore

Hydroponics 1200w Grow Tent Kit

10 large plants can be grown with this hydroponics grow tent kit, with two 600w grow lights providing adequate light for the area within the Mammoth Classic 240w grow tent. A Rhino extraction kit is supplied for the ventilation and a thermometer and hygrometer will help you to monitor the environment.

From: 725.00

Hydroponics 1200w Grow Tent Kitmore

Coco 400w Grow Tent Kit

This 400w grow tent kit is a great size for the beginner who wishes to try this great method of plant cultivation and grow five plants in coco. This complete grow tent kit has all you will need to provide your plants with the ideal growing enclosure and environment and of course with enough light for them to flourish.

From: 315.00

Coco 400w Grow Tent Kitmore

Coco 600w Grow Tent Kit

This 600w grow tent kit provides all the essential items you will require to grow 9 plants in coco. A 1.2m grow tent is supplied with a 600w grow light and a 125mm Rhino extraction kit. Canna or Plagron coco media and nutrients are supplied with the pots and saucers and we recommend buying a boost as well.

From: 355.00

Coco 600w Grow Tent Kitmore

Coco 1200w Grow Tent Kit

This coco 1200w grow tent kit allows you to grow 18 of your favourite plants in a coco substrate and cover them with two 600w grow lights. The grow tent measures 2.4 x 1.2 metres which provides your plants with plenty of space and it has multiple doors for you to gain easy access to all your plants.

From: 625.00

Coco 1200w Grow Tent Kitmore

Soil 400w Grow Tent Kit

This soil kit comes complete with all the items you will require to set up a small grow room and grow five plants in 11 litre pots, under a 400w HID light and in the comfort of your own home. You also have a choice of your soil and nutrients that are supplied with this kit, either Canna, Plagron or Plant Magic Plus.

From: 315.00

Soil 400w Grow Tent Kitmore

Soil 600w Grow Tent Kit

This is our most popular soil kit for hobby growers who wish to use just one 600w lamp to grow nine plants. This complete soil 600w grow kit gives you an enclosure of 1.2 x 1.2 metres that stands at two metres tall, which is a great size for the lamp provided with the kit and also for your plants grown inside the tent to thrive.

From: 365.00

Soil 600w Grow Tent Kitmore

Soil 1200w Grow Tent Kit

This soil grow tent kit is supplied with two 600w lights that cover the floor space and 18 plants inside the tent extremely well. This kit is perfect if you wish to use two lights for growing and the Mammoth 2.4 tent is perfect for housing all the equipment required, like your grow lights, extraction and of course your plants.

From: 625.00

Soil 1200w Grow Tent Kitmore

Organic 400w Grow Tent Kit

This organic 400w grow kit is very popular with novice growers who wish to use only organic nutrients and soil to grow five plants. The kit comes with a 400w grow light which is sufficient for the area you are growing in and with the reflective material inside the tent all your plants will receive plenty of the light.

From: 315.00

Organic 400w Grow Tent Kitmore

Organic 600w Grow Tent Kit

This 600w grow tent kit has everything you will need to grow organically inside a Classic 1.2m grow tent. The kit is supplied with 11 litre square pots and saucers to grow nine plants from start to finish and also there is a choice of either Biobizz or Plant Magic nutrients and soil.

From: 365.00

Organic 600w Grow Tent Kitmore

Organic 1200w Grow Tent Kit

If you wish to grow 18 plants organically, then this is the kit for you. Two 600w HID lights are provided to be hung inside the grow tent, with a 6" Rhino extraction kit to remove the air from inside. Pots, saucers, soil and nutrients are all supplied, so all you need to supply is some water and of course your plants.

From: 625.00

Organic 1200w Grow Tent Kitmore

Budget 400w Grow Tent Kit

If you are on a budget and just require the essential items for a small grow room to get you growing, take a look at our budget 400w grow tent kit. Supplied complete with a Mammoth Classic metre square grow tent, 400w grow light, timer, extraction kit, 11 litre pots, saucers, Canna Terra nutrients and Terra Professional soil.

From: 275.00

Budget 400w Grow Tent Kitmore

Budget 600w Grow Tent Kit

This budget grow tent kit provides all the items needed for a low cost grow room. The Mammoth Classic 1.2m grow tent offers a floor space of 1.2 x 1.2, which is ideal for the 600w light supplied with the kit, and there is a 5" extraction kit. Canna Terra soil and nutrients are provided with pots and saucers for five plants.

From: 285.00

Budget 600w Grow Tent Kitmore

Budget 1200w Grow Tent Kit

If you are looking to grow about 10 plants and require a cheap set up, this budget 1200w grow tent kit offers all you need to get growing with Canna Terra soil and nutrients. A Mammoth Lite 240w grow tent houses two 600w grow lights and an extraction kit is provided to remove the hot stale air from within the tent.

From: 450.00

Budget 1200w Grow Tent Kitmore

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