EC, PH Meters & Solutions

EC, PH Meters & Solutions

When you are growing plants with hydroponics, it is necessary for you to maintain your nutrient solution to the correct PH level, for your plants to obtain all of the nutrients that you have supplied in the water and these EC and PH meters will take away any guess work.

PH Meters

Maintaining the correct PH level in your nutrient solution for the type of plants you are growing, is essential for them to regularly absorb the nutrients you supply in the water and the best way to check the level with an accurate reading is to use a PH meter. Simply dip the PH meter into the water and it will automatically display the PH level of your nutrient solution.

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EC Meters

Dont add nutrients to your water and guess the strength, use an EC meter to provide you with an accurate reading of the strength of your nutrient solution, before you apply it to your plant roots to feed them. At different stages plants will require different levels of nutrients and the easiest way to measure this is with an EC meter and follow an EC chart.

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PH & EC Combo Meters

If you want something special to monitor your nutrient tank and provide you with instant readings of all three important factors to your stored water, buy yourself a combo meter. Combo meters measure the PH and EC level and temperature of your stored nutrient solution and they display all three readings at once on a large LCD screen for you to easily view.

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PH & EC Solutions

We stock a variety of solutions to help you manage the PH levels of your nutrient solution and to help maintain your PH and EC meters, so they provide accurate readings time after time. Hydroponic PH up and down solutions, buffers, EC standard, probe cleaners and storage solutions. Dont let your meters get dirty, maintain them as if they were new.

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