Aero Potz Aeroponics Systems

Aero Potz Aeroponics Systems

Aero Potz aeroponics systems deliver the nutrient solution into each Aero Potz through two inverted sprinklers, giving total coverage inside and preventing any entanglement with the root system below. Excess solution is automatically drained from the system and returned back into the main tank for later use.

Aero 4 Potz

The Aero 4 Potz aeroponic system is designed for growing four large plants aeroponically and can be assembled inside a 1.2 grow tent, with the main tank placed outside. The Aero 4 Potz is supplied complete with a 100 litre tank, an Ecotechnics minute timer and full instructions for quick assembly.

From: 420.00

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Aero 6 Potz

The Aero 6 Potz aeroponic system will save you a small fortune in the long run, as it requires the least amount of media possible to cultivate six plants. You can raise your seeds or cuttings in any type of propagation plug, place them in the mesh baskets and backfill around them with a small amount of clay pebbles.

From: 485.00

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Aero 8 Potz

The Aero 8 Potz aeroponic system will fit neatly inside a 1.2 x 2.4 grow tent, with two 600w grow lights hung above to cover the plants adequately with enough light for maximum yield. The Aero 8 Potz is a plug and play system, as all parts and pipes are cut and pre-assembled for a quick and easy assembly.

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Aero 12 Potz

The Aero 12 Potz aeroponic system can be assembled inside a 2.4 squared grow tent with the 250 litre tank placed outside, which will also allow the stored solution to remain much cooler. The plants will be fed daily at minute timed intervals and the nutrient solution will automatically be recirculated.

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Aero 16 Potz

The Aero 16 Potz aeroponic system will require at least four grow lights hung above to cover all the Aero Potz with enough light, either 400w or 600w. It will also require a room or floor space of 3 x 2.5 metres to neatly fit the Aero 16 Potz and 250 litre tank and allow all sixteen plants enough room to grow.

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Aero 24 Potz

The Aero 24 Potz is the largest aeroponic system available in this fabulous range from Potz Systems, and we recommend at least six grow lights are hung above to help deliver the maximum yield from fruit bearing crops. Supplied complete with 250 litre tank, feed pump and an Ecotechnics minute timer.

From: 925.00

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Aero Potz Top Lid & Potz

If you require any additional Aero Potz to be added to your existing system or to replace broken or worn parts, you can purchase the inner and outer Aero Potz and top lid. Drain glands are required for the outer Potz and a mesh pot and irrigation sprinklers are required to complete the Aero Potz top lids.

From: 6.00

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Aero Potz Mesh Pot

These Aero Potz mesh pots are 77mm in diameter and they fit tightly into the Aero Potz top lids, to hold your plants firmly in place. These mesh pots can also be used for any type of DIY hydroponic system you may wish to make, like deep water culture or your very own aeroponic system, just cut a 3 inch hole for a tight fitting.

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Aero & Drip Header Return Potz

This Header Return Potz is fitted with a float switch that is connected to a pump, which automatically removes any solution that enters the Potz and pumps it to wherever you direct the return line, a main tank or drain. These Header Return Potz are used on Aero and Drip Potz and are available with either 2, 4 or 6 outlets.

From: 115.00

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Potz Systems Drain Fittings

Potz Systems drain fittings can be used with any 16mm hose or pipe. The drain glands are provided with two washers to seal either side of the fitting, and the drain filters simply slide over the pipe inserted through the drain gland, to prevent any debris entering the drain lines and blocking them.

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